FixTag is a Java/Swing application that lets you edit the fields within MP3 ID3 tags.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of blabbing on about this program, I'll show you what it looks like and let you draw your own conclusions. (And in case you are wond'ring, yes, I legally own this Pantera CD.)

Here are some MP3 files that don't have the correct name in the Artist field

FixTag likes Pantera

Select all the files and right click to bring up the Batch menu

FixTag likes Pantera

Enter in the value for the field (or select from a list of possible values)

FixTag likes Pantera

Now they are all better

FixTag likes Pantera

You can double-click a row to dive into the ID3 tag details

FixTag still likes Pantera

You can configure how you would like filenames to look for automatic renaming

FixTag likes filenames to be just so...

You can select what ID3 tag details you want displayed in the list

FixTag lets you pick what to display in the list