FixTag is a Java/Swing application that lets you edit the fields within MP3 ID3 tags.


Over the years, I have converted many of the songs in my CD collection to MP3 format with the use of several different open source programs (my current favorite is CDex, but it has been inactive for a while). Unfortunately, sometimes through my own lack of consistency and sometimes due to the limitations of these programs, the ID3 tags stored in my MP3 files are missing some of the information about the song. Sometimes the filename contains fragments of information that is not present in the tag, and sometimes the tag contains information that I would also like to be in the filename. The problem is that, in many MP3 players, if an incomplete ID3 tag is present, then that incomplete information is all that is displayed during playback even if the filename contains more information - very frustrating.

Most of my MP3 files have tags in the ID3v1.0 format, which can only hold 30 characters in its largest fields, often leaving me with truncated contents. Other MP3 files contain information in ID3v2, which is vastly improved (if a little complicated), but the tags are not always complete.

I am certain that there are many programs already in existence to edit ID3 tags, but since I am a geek, and since it didn't look like it would take me too much time, I decided to take a crack at writing my own.

Design Goals

Here are the things I set out to accomplish: