FixTag is a Java/Swing application that lets you edit the fields within MP3 ID3 tags.


FixTag is written in Java (Swing) and was developed using Eclipse. (You can download Eclipse here.)

The source code is browseable on the SourceForge CVS server.

In version 0.40, code was added that requires Java 5.0 (1.5), so you will need Java 5.0 to compile or run the program. (The net.sf.fixtag.id3 package remains compatible with Java 1.4, since it is the only part that might possibly be useful as a library to another developer.)

Project Structure

The program is (needlessly) broken into five Eclipse Java projects in two different CVS repositories:

Retrieving source code from CVS using Eclipse

You can retrieve the projects directly from CVS within the Eclipse development environment. (These instructions assume you have not yet created any CVS Repositories.)

On the menu, select: File->New->Project and choose Checkout Projects from CVS.

Creating a New Project from CVS

Enter in the CVS Repository information shown below, and click Finish.

Setting up an Eclipse CVS Repository

Highlight the two project modules listed, click Finish and Eclipse will pull them down for you.

Selecting modules in the CVS Repository

Repeat these steps for the fixtag CVS projects by setting up a second CVS repository.

Selecting modules in the CVS Repository

Then select the required fixtag modules as shown.

Selecting modules in the CVS Repository